About us

SynCo Bio Partners B.V. is a world leading contract manufacturer focused to support its customers with clinical and commercial supply of:

  • Microbial produced Bulk Drug Substance; Live Microbial Products, Vaccines (incl. polysaccharides) and Recombinant Proteins
  • Drug Products (liquid and lyophilized) of a wide variety of biologics

As a truly global player, the Amsterdam based location of SynCo offers support to companies worldwide ranging from small (virtual) biotech companies to large pharmaceutical organizations involved in the development and manufacturing of microbial based products, including live microbial products. With over 25 years of experience, SynCo is able to assist all type of companies with its broad expertise in process development, GMP manufacturing and aseptic filling services. Our commitment to quality management and approval by the major international authorities (US FDA, ANVISA, MFDS, Health Canada and IGZ) ensures regulatory compliance and patient safety for clinical and commercial development worldwide.

SynCo’s multi-purpose production facilities have a ‘one stop shop’ service offering, providing program flexibility, reduction in time and reduction of costs. Our facilities exist of multiple state of the art independent suites containing bioreactors ranging from 5L to 1,500L scale for Bulk Drug Substance production, and a separate class A suite for aseptic filling and lyophilization services.

SynCo is a privately owned and financially stable company and one of the few CMOs with an established track record in the production of a large variety of microbial produced therapeutics and capable of supporting long term strategic manufacturing partnerships. As SynCo is purely focused on contract manufacturing for its clients with no patented or legally binding technologies, our sole focus is on the success of our clients and the products we manufacture for them. Our experience in building long term partnerships over many years is evidence of our ability to react and respond to our clients’ requirements.
“Trust us to make it right”